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Join the Disney Movie Club and get 5 movies for just $1, plus a free Incredibles 2 blanket (while supplies last).1

Use your Disney® Visa® Debit Card to join and get 5 Disney movies for just $1 with free shipping on this order.1 Then buy just 4 more titles at regular Club prices (+S&H) in the next 24 months. See details at joinDMC.com.

Cardmembers can save more by choosing a 6th movie right now for just $9.95. You’ll have less to buy later – only three movies in the next two years instead of four. You can even choose a 7th movie today for only $7.95, also with free shipping. (This selection does not count toward your purchase agreement.)1

Plus, Cardmembers get a free Incredibles 2 blanket featuring Jack-Jack when you join the Disney Movie Club (while supplies last)!1

Visit joinDMC.com to learn more about program details. Enter Promo code 55188 when you join to receive this special, Cardmember-exclusive offer.

Promo code: 55188

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